What's New in Eth2 - 26 November 2018

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My avatarBen Edgington (PegaSys, ConsenSys — but views expressed are all my own)

The No More TODO Edition

Tl;dr — a couple of big rocks have been put in place this week: the elliptic curve for BLS signatures has been specified, and the fork choice rule has been explicitly documented. Slot duration has been reduced to 6 seconds, and there's no more TODO (but only because the "to do" list is now maintained separately in GitHub issues).

Thank you so much to Chih Cheng Liang who made a lovely archive on the Ethereum.org server for these posts to live in 😍.

Any mistakes/typos/omissions in this edition are due to me trying to watch the world chess championships while preparing it. Sorry!

Specification updates


Reminder: take a look at the open issues marked RFC and get involved. Currently up for discussion:

Beacon chain specification

I previously missed this as it lurks under the innocuous title "Miscellaneous beacon chain changes". There's lots of good discussion in there about possible beacon chain protocol changes.

Finally, the "TODO" list has been removed. Not because everything has been done, I guess, although much of it has. We also lose the completion estimate (was 65% before recent changes).

Shard chains specification

Simple Serialize

Implementers' call

No call last week. Notes from the 15 November call are available.


Most of the last week's noise has been on the All Core Devs Gitter 🙄.

Highlight of the week on the Sharding Gitter (no, the name can't be changed): an excellent clarifying conversation between Jacek and Danny on the work of proposers, and the sizes of committees.


Not on Ethresear.ch, but a research theme nonetheless: my PegaSys colleagues have done some simulations of Sybil attacks on the p2p network with interesting conclusions:

tl;dr: Sybil attacks at the p2p layer are possible on ethv2/sharding. There are multiple ways to mitigate their effects. This post is just there to raise awareness on this subject as a part of the p2p discussions/choices.

Now, from Ethresear.ch:

In other news...

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