What's New in Eth2 - 19 November 2018

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The Merges and Splits Edition

Tl;dr - The beacon chain state has been merged; the beacon chain spec has been split.

Specification updates


Yay! High-level design goals have been added to the README. None of these is a surprise, but it is really important, in my view, that the goals/values be explicitly articulated. Especially for a decentralised development effort such as this.

The Ethereum 2.0 spec has been explicitly split out into two separate documents:

Reminder: take a look at the open issues marked RFC and get involved. Currently up for discussion:

Beacon chain specification

Shard chains specification

The specification of the Phase 1 shard data chains has been split out of the Phase 0 beacon chain spec. As a reminder, the shard chains in this phase will simply order transactions as blobs of data. They will not yet execute transactions or manage accounts.

The Phase 1 spec is beginning to take shape. New additions include:

Simple Serialize

Specification of a "tree hashing" algorithm. It calculates the Merkle tree root for lists of data. It increases efficiency in cases where data structures are only partially updated.

Implementers' call

The most recent call was on 15 November. **Update**: draft notes are available.

There don't seem to be any notes around, so pointers to the main discussion topics are below.

Justin's input on the latest with VDFs is below (his mic was not working on the call).



In other news...

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